Latest deal - Versobank

Our latest transaction was concluded in April 2012. EUR 10.6 million sale of 70% of Versobank (Estonia) from Laiki Bank (Cyprus) to Ukrselhozprom (Ukraine)
  • A waste management company in Latvia

    By the end August 2013 the sales process of a Latvian waste management company will begin.
    75% of the shares in the company will be on offer.

    Information available on request.

    Ivars Krauklis
    mobile: +371 29122969
    e-mail: krauklis@h2b.lv
  • A fish processing plant in Estonia

    Before the end of August 2013, the sales process for an Estonian fish processing company will begin. 100% of shares in the company will be on offer to strategic investors.

    Non-binding indicative offers from interested acquirers must be provided by the 30th of August 2013. Information available on request.

    Halldor Bjorn Baldursson
    mobile: +371 26166094
    e-mail: hbb@h2b.lv
  • Several acquisition targets (banks) in Europe

    Romania – Mid-size commercial bank, assets ~ 400 mln Eur, equity ~ 60 mln Eur; Bulgaria – Mid-size commercial bank, assets ~ 600 mln Eur, equity – 55 mln Eur; Malta – Fully licenced commercial bank with 7 branches. Listed on Maltese Stock Exchange. Assets ~ 550 mln Eur, equity ~ 73 mln Eur; Luxembourg – Fully licenced commercial bank,  Assets ~ 320 mln Eur, equity ~ 35 mln Eur. Sweden (Norway) – Fully licenced commercial bank with main office in Sweden. Assets ~ 27 mln Eur, equity ~ 21 mln Eur; Denmark – Fully licenced commercial bank. Assets ~ 50 mln Eur, equity – 11 mln Eur; Switzerland – Small bank with assets around 120 mln Eur. Equity ~ 18 mln Eur; Montenegro – Mid-size commercial bank with assets above 300 mln Eur. Equity ~ 20,5 mln Eur. Listed on Montenegro Stock Exchange; Croatia - There are 6 small banks for sale with asset size from 55 to 260 mln Eur. Equities are from 12 to 40 mln Eur; Ukraine – Above mid-size universal commercial bank with assets around 450 mln Eur. Equity – 55 mln Eur; Russia – Fully licensed commercial bank including leasing and asset management company. Assets – 221 mln Eur, equity – 55 mln Eur.