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Banking sector supervision in European countries is performed either by national banks or by specialised supervisory authorities.

    H2B offers private banking services from one of the leading banks
    of the Principality of Monaco

    The bank has been operating in Monaco for almost 40 years and has established itself as the bank of reference in the principality of Monaco ever since. The bank operates in a fully independent manner, centralising all of its decision-making and business-related activities, including trading, asset management and accounting.

    The bank has established its reputation by providing first-class, client-oriented advice and solutions in the areas of financing and investments.

    The bank benefits from Monegasque banking legislation. The bank offers additional advantages in terms of operating in leading and sophisticated financial markets. Furthermore, the bank benefits from a management team and board of directors composed of major international personalities of the business community and a network that provides the group with a wide range of important relations and appropriate opportunities.

  • H2B offers the opportunity to enjoy exclusive bank services for private and corporate clients via a full range of diversified, first-class and personalised products. Among these are current accounts, credit cards, a fully comprehensive range of payment facilities, wealth management, funds, tax optimisation and planning, advice on wealth transmission issues, life insurance products and tax optimisation assistance. The bank has experienced multi-linguistic private banking personnel, including persons who speak Latvian and Russian.

    H2B assists reputable private individuals and companies to open accounts at the bank

    In terms of financing opportunities for private banking customers of the bank the following financing is available (based on conditions):

    Real Estate Finance
    The Principality of Monaco and the French and Italian Riviera.

    Yacht Financing
    Provided not only to residents of Monaco also to a clients of the bank.


    H2B Finance in cooperation with one of the leading banks in the Principality of Monaco provides assistance and advice for those who would like to become a resident of Monaco.

    There are three ways in which you can become a Monaco resident and be entitled to the residency card known as ‘le carte de Sejour’

    • If you are employed or have been offered work by a Monegasque company within the principality of Monaco;
    • If you want to set up a new business in Monaco, in which case the residency will only be given once the company has been officially registered;
    • If you can prove that you have a certain net wealth and can leave a minimum capital balance in your Monaco account. This amount is at the discretion of the Monaco bank.

    The application procedure depends on whether or not you are a citizen of the European Community. H2B will provide you with a lawyer in Monaco to assist with the application process and interviews and well as reputable real estate agents if required. 

  • Before an application is submitted, H2B will have the applicant assessed informally and for a minimal fee.  

    For citizens within the EC, the procedure is fairly simple. The applicant will fill out an application with the relevant information, including a CV which explains his or her past and present job experience. The application is presented to the SuretéPublique in Monaco.

    The following information must also be included with the application:

    • 4 photographs
    • A recent extract from the applicant's birth certificate or the original birth certificate
    • Current marital status and information about whteher you have been married / divorced / widowed in the past, providing any relevant decree / death certificate
    • A certified copy of your passport or ID
    • A copy of the applicants rental contract or an attestation (copy of the title deeds) to state that the applicant is an owner of a property in Monaco
    • A police report stating that the applicant has had no prior incidents in the former country in which the applicant was living in as well as in the applicant's country of birth
    • A working contract for Monaco, if you have one or a letter from your Monaco bank stating sufficient funds to enable the applicant to be a resident in Monaco
    • A utility bill indicating the applicant's current address

    Once all of the above has been submitted there is a waiting time of around six weeks, after which the applicant will be required to make an appointment with the Monaco police, where he or she will be interviewed. H2B will provide an experienced lawyer to accompany the applicant for the interview. If the interview goes well, then the residency card will usually be issued within three weeks.

    The first residency card will be valid only for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, there will be a second interview, and the authorities have the right to extend the residency for a further 12 months.

    For citizens outside the European Community, the process is slightly different. All applicants must first apply for a French visa at the French consulate in the country in which the person is resident. The application procedure is then very much as above, apart from the fact that if the person does not have proof of accommodation then a letter of intent will suffice saying that the applicant intends to find accommodation, within three months after submitting the aforementioned forms.

    General information

    The Principality of Monaco is an independent and sovereign state located in the very centra of Europe and on the edge of the Mediterranean. It shares its borders with the French communes of the Alpes-Maritimes: La Turbie, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Cap d'Ail and Beausoleil.

    Located in the centra of Europe and at the crossroads of international trade, Monaco offers an exceptional living environment. Its political stability and the fast and constant development of its economy make it an exceptionally secure country. Monaco also offers a well-managed health system, outstanding infrastructure for travel and transport, and a large number of various cultural and sporting events.

    The Grimaldi family has been reigning over the Principality for 700 years. This exceptional dynastic longevity helped to reinforce national unity between the Princes and the Monegasque people. The country's regime is a constitutional and hereditary monarchy. This constitutional status protects fundamental freedoms and rights, Monaco has been member state of the UN since 1993, and it also belongs to the euro zone.

  • Residing in Monaco

    People living in the Principality of Monaco benefit from an exceptional quality of life. The Mediterranean climate and proximity of the sea make life particularly pleasant in the area. In order to become a Monaco resident or to engage in any occupation in the Principality of Monaco, a few formalities are required.

    Investing in the Principality of Monaco

    Investing in the Principality of Monaco means choosing a prestigious financial centre while, in addition, benefitting from the unique and exceptional advantages which are offered by the Principality. Investing in the Principality of Monaco also means enjoying a favourable tax system, with total discreetness and elaborate regulations related to banking secrecy.

    A Specific Tax System

    The general principle of the Monaco tax system is the total absence of direct taxation. There are two exceptions to this principle:

    • Companies with revenues earned out side of the Principality at a level above 25%, and companies doing business in Monaco, which earn revenues from patents or the rights of literary and artistic property, are subject to a 33,33% tax on profits. No direct taxes is collected in those cases other than profit taxes.
    • Natural persons of French nationality who could not submit proof of five years residency in Monaco as of 31 October 1962, are subject to French income taxes. The Principality has signed no other bilateral tax agreements besides the one which links it to France.