Making the decision to sell your business
is one of the most significant financial decisions
you will ever make.

H2B Corporate Finance can help sell your business
and streamline the sales process so that you can concentrate
on running your business.

Latest deal - Versobank

Our latest transaction was concluded in April 2012. EUR 10.6 million sale of 70% of Versobank (Estonia) from Laiki Bank (Cyprus) to Ukrselhozprom (Ukraine)


    H2B's team source and researches potential acquirers through our international reach engages in, firm wide deals, and utilises databases such as Bankscope, Orbis and Zephyre. We identify buyers based on the criteria discussed with you - the preferred deal structure, specific views on who you want to approach or do not want to include in the process, etc.


    The information memorandum is the principal selling document and it must have an immediate impact and present your business enthusiastically and in a clear and accurate manner. It provides potential buyers with enough information to make a reasonable assessment of your business and crucially to formulate the price they would be willing to pay for it.


    Once a list of potential acquirers has been agreed with you, we will make approaches on a no-name basis. Disclosure at this stage will be restricted to the business sector, outline turnover and profitability and the key selling points of the business. All potential acquirers will sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving the information memorandum.


    Management presentations offer an opportunity to meet potential acquirers to give the acquirers our view
    of the key value drivers of the business and to update them on current trading. The meeting will also provide
    us with more detail in terms of how potential acquirers intend to approach the transaction and to discuss more
    commercially sensitive issues.


    The first round offers will be based on the information memorandum. We will provide guidance in terms of the deal you are looking for and the preferred deal structure. Once indicative offers have been received for the business we will agree a short list of preferred bidders who will be given the opportunity to perform in depth company analysis – financial and legal due diligence.


    Once the short list of potential acquirers has been determined H2B will coordinate the due diligence process which will include management / vendor meetings and access to a physical and/or electronic data room. This area includes both financial and legal due diligence with the results used to formulate the final offer or for the potential acquirer to end his interest in the acquisition.


    Upon results of due diligence, the short listed buyers will come up with their final offers. H2B will lead negotiations with short listed buyers and manage the relationship with them through to final offers. Once we have fully negotiated the final offers we will choose one party to proceed with. In this stage the exclusivity for an agreed period will granted to the chosen party.


    Once an exclusivity period has been granted lawyers on both sides will then draft and negotiate the sales-purchase agreement (SPA) and other transaction related documents, such as Disclosure Letter, pre-closing conditions, etc. H2B will co-ordinate the whole process ensuring everything goes smoothly. If the parties will not manage to come to the agreement on all material issues within exclusivity period, the seller has an option to start negotiations with another bidder.



    When both parties are satisfied with all legal paperwork, the signing of SPA takes place. There is a time gap between signing the documents and actual shares transfer due to practical technicalities. The closing usually happens within a month of signing SPA and H2B will make sure that all conditions precedent agreed in SPA are met full and timely until the deal is closed.

Private banking services in Monaco

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